For those seeing Roger Federer at his true value, not having him around the Tennis courts for half a year has been cruel. But it was the way things went as the 35-years-old tennis star was unable to fully recover following his knee surgery from early February. It was a tough decision for Federer to make but there was no other way as the Swiss player wants to keep playing on a professional level for a few more years. So, his medical staff pointed out loud and clear that he needs to rest for few months if he still wants to consider competing at a high level.

His decision had multiple consequences as he failed to compete in Rio, his main objective in the early stages of the season.

His fans also suffered but the ATP events and the stunning end of the season somehow compensated Federer's absence from the ATP World Tour.

Federer always stood close to his fans

While regarded as the most popular tennis player in history, Roger Federer never forget to please his fans. No wonder that when he plays a match the stands are over populated.

Now, with the Christmas is knocking at the door, the former ATP no. 1 did not forget his fans. According to the latest post on his official Facebook page, tomorrow there will be a live stream consisting of a training session in Dubai. For those who haven`t yet acquired this knowledge, between the regular seasons, Federer takes his training sessions into the dry climate of Dubai.

This particular training habit or routine has been an instrumental factor of his great fitness over the years.

So, tomorrow, his fans will have a great chance to watch their idol during a training session. Also, the timing of this event it makes it clear that this Christmas came earlier for the huge herd worshiping Roger Federer.

Federer also revealed his first event of 2017

Within the latest post on his official Facebook page, Federer spread some light regarding the date of his return on the tennis court. The first event for Federer to attend since Wimbledon is Hopman Cup. Despite the fact that it is not an ATP event, the event held in Perth, Australia will provide a perfect opportunity for a warm-up prior to the Australian Open.

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