While many are still processing the events that marked the season of 2016, the upcoming season in men`s Tennis is approaching fast with about two weeks left until its start. It was Andy Murray and his tremendous effort that changed the entire equation, but things are far from being settled. Djokovic will definitely hit back in a bid to regain the ATP leadership. And, of course, there will always be Wawrinka or Raonic to put pressure by following their own goals.

In such a war zone, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will make their highly anticipated comebacks. There are lots of questions regarding their possible roles in this new scenario.

Let`s just remember that in the mid-season when these two went off, it was Djokovic way ahead of the herd and the perspective of a significant change of the establishment was very unlikely.

Federer and Nadal lost their top spots

With injuries floating around them, Federer and Nadal missed the second part of the regular season. A direct consequence of their absence made their ranking position to drop.

Due to some poor results in 2015, Rafael Nadal had a small harvest to defend and his fall in the ranking was not that dangerous. Despite the fall, the Spaniard ended the year as the world no. 9. Despite not having huge success on the hardcourt, Nadal is expected to make a prodigious run in Australia as he will play in Brisbane and then at the Australian Open 2017.

For Roger Federer, things are a bit more complicated as he failed to defend a huge amount of points gathered back in 2015. He saw his ranking going down in a dangerous spiral as he ended the year as world no.16. It was the first time since 2002 that the Swiss star ended the season outside the top 10.

The primary consequence of his fall will be represented by an unfriendly draw. He might face 5 top players in the early stages of the big tournaments thus making his chances to win something in 2017 even smaller.

The upcoming season will produce a huge dose of entertainment

Unlike the previous seasons, the men`s tennis has the right ingredients to provide a good show.

With Federer and Nadal back in the business, things are going to reach a high excitement level. These two players have already proven their ability to its brim and also to produce some spectacular tennis.

And this time it is Murray who holds the crown, and there is Djokovic searching for directions. It`s an upside down Big Four scenario where the guys with the most successful history are forced to work their way up to the top.

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