Often compared with Pete Sampras, Roger Federer has managed to outshine his childhood idol. While Sampras has won 14 Grand Slam titles in men`s singles being at the same level with Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer put the bar even higher with his 17 singles successes. For a professional athlete, the moment when retirement starts calling you off the stage it can be cruel.

For Roger Federer, that moment may not be that far as the Swiss star is already 35-years-old and due to some injuries his results were below expectations. Still, a poor season like the recently ended one was something to expect after a long successful run in 2015 when Federer stood almost unaided to fight against Djokovic.

He could follow the same path Pete Sampras took

Pete Sampras put an end to his professional career following his success at the US Open 2002. In order to sustain the comparison between Federer and Sampras, many voices saw Federer's title at Wimbledon 2012 as the proper moment to take a step back. But the Swiss had something else in his mind and his Tennis has been a constant source of inspiration in the following seasons.

For 2017, in the light of latest developments, Federer might have a decent shot to win one more Grand Slam. With Djokovic not so great lately, Murray stepped in and claimed the ATP leadership. For the Scotsman, this new reality will be quite a challenge as he must coop with a different kind of pressure.

Once you reached the summit, the expectations will be even higher.

When it comes to Djokovic, it is a certain reality that Federer has some sort of mental complex being unable in most of the occasions to outrun the Serb. But with Murray things are different.

There is hope for another Grand Slam, but the task won`t be easy at all.

To win the 18 Grand Slam might represent the perfect timing to embrace glory at the same time with a farewell song.

A crowded stage will shrink his chances

For 2017, the ATP Tour will be a more challenging stage. Besides Federer, Nadal is expected to make his return. On top of that, Juan Martin del Potro seems to be a real threat for the Big Four as the Argentine ended with style a wonderful 2016 with the recently Davis Cup success.

On a fast count, there will be around 10 players with real chances to win a Grand Slam in 2017. Whether is about Djokovic, Murray, Nadal, Federer, Wawrinka, Nishikori, Raonic, Cilic or del Potro, one thing is for sure: the upcoming season will be a great deal of entertainment.

For Federer, in case that he will win a Grand Slam, the season of 2017 might be the last one.

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