"End of the Line" started off with the continuing goofy feud between Rusev and Big Cass. Cass did manage a good amount of offense. Once the match ended up outside Enzo fell victim to another vicious beating. Distracted by his beaten up buddy Cass went to his aid while Rusev snuck back into the ring and won the match via a count out. Towards the Royal Rumble, we should see the ending of this feud.

Raw Tag Team Championship

Next was the Raw Tag Team Championship between Cesaro & Sheamus vs. The New Day. The usual antics by the New Day were working out and it seemed like they were going to keep their reign intact.

The numbers advantage wasn’t enough for New Day. After Xavier’s vain attempt to save Kofi and a fake tag by Sheamus, Sheamus pinned Kofi for the victory and tag team titles.

This was an expected result given the fact that New Day had recently broken the record for longest tag team championship reign. Post match, the new champions embraced their predecessors in a truly touching moment. This unlikely team will end having a huge match somewhere down the line, even though for the moment they are friendly rivals. As for the New Day, the end for the team is on the horizon.

In a match that was timed at 10 minutes, this was pretty much a survival challenge for the underdog.

Sami Zayn through sheer effort outlasted Braun Strowman.

Braun displayed some brutal offense on the smaller man. Yet the ten minutes and Strowman’s strength were not sufficient to put down Zayn. Braun vs. Zayn can’t be stretched out too far; so this will be settled between now the Royal Rumble. This is great for Zayn as this is a momentum builder that might push him into a title scene.

Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho was also a very good match but a greater story telling bridge for the main event.

Rollins was on par with Jericho in every sense. Towards the end, Kevin Owens showed up to help who we thought was his former friend. Owens ended up costing Y2J the match. So; the friendship of Owens had come to an end, or so we thought.

Y2J vs. Rollins is far from over and it can only get better.

Rich Swann defending Cruiserweight

Next was Rich Swann defending his Cruiserweight Championship in a triple threat match against TJ Perkins and the Brain Kendrick. The 205’ers tried to do it all. There was no shortage in high pace and high flying action. It took one huge double superkick to remove Kendrick from the equation and allow Swann to easily pin Perkins. Both Kendrick and Perkins are worthy of another rematch; whether if it’s another triple threat or a singles match. We don’t have to wait until Tuesday to guess who wants a shot at Swann’s title. Neville returned to attack his “friend” and make it clear that he wants the championship.

The 'End of the Line'

We have reached the “end of the line” in the awesome ‘Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte Flair’ feud in a 30-Minute Ironman match. “The Queen” dominated the majority of match; but not without Banks putting up a fight that allowed her to even the score at 2-2 just as time was running out. It had to be settled in sudden death OT. OT didn’t last long, since during regular time, Charlotte had inflicted a huge amount of damage to Banks’ knee. With a painful Figure-Eight lock, “The Queen” regained the Raw Women’s Championship and kept her undefeated singles PPV record. Tomorrow we find what's next for both superstars.

Finally the Universal Championship was on the line

Owens and Reigns did battle and at no point did one top the other.

We saw spears, power bombs, and missed hits; everything that they could possible do was effective yet more was required. With one huge spear, the “Big Dog” nearly got the win. Y2J came in to help his "buddy". In mere moments, Jericho nailed Reigns with a Codebreaker to give Reigns the DQ win. The DQ loss allowed KO to retain the championship. Pure cleverness helped Owens keep the championship. Still; Reigns walked out with the last laugh; as Rollins came in to help and take down the two buddies; Shield style.

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