Well, the name of the PPV speaks for itself. We have reached the "end of the line" in 2016. The exclusive Raw event has a total of seven matches scheduled (including one pre-show match). Let’s run down the card and determine the most likely results for each match.

Big Cass vs. Rusev: Singles Match (pre-show)

  • The only reason why this match is taking place is due to some silly flirting by Lana and Amore. This feud doesn’t make sense and it’s best to end it with Rusev as the winner.
  • Winner: Rusev.

Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman: Singles Match

The big man needs to pick up more wins as his undefeated streak as a singles competitor continues to grow.

Zayn is that guy that can take a loss and still recover within a short amount of time.

Winner: Strowman.

Rich Swann (Champion) vs. TJ Perksins vs. The Brian Kendrick: Triple Threat Match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

It’s too early for Swann to drop the title. The title is still relatively new; so the reigns have to last for a reasonable time, under the right circumstances. Here there’s a perfect mix for a credible title defense; the current champion vs. the former champion vs. the veteran.

Winner: Rich Swann.

The New Day (Champions) vs. Cesaro & Sheamus: Tag Team Match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

All good things must come to an end, and that means the record breaking championship reign.

The team of Cesaro and Sheamus is the right opponent to beat the New Day. A somewhat dysfunctional team needs something that will force them to continue working together; before eventually facing each other. The downside is that we’ll be left wondering what will happen with the New Day if they lose.

Winner: Cesaro & Sheamus

Sasha Banks (Champion) vs. Charlotte Flair: 30-minute Iron Man match for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship

This is another perfect match that will help one person without hurting the other. Banks will definitely put up a valiant effort against the “Queen." Picture the early parts of the match with Charlotte dominating; before she foolishly lets her guard down and loses.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Chris Jericho vs. Seth Rollins: Singles Match

It won’t be a one-sided affair and there will be some close calls. Y2J is that type of guy that will let his frustrations get the best of him which will cost him the match. He can win through the means of cheating or getting intentionally DQ’d just to beat down Rollins.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Kevin Owens (Champion) vs. Roman Reigns: Singles match for the WWE Universal Championship

Without a doubt, it’s tough to predict the winner of this match. We have two big guys with a lot of strength and overall athletic ability. Expect a lot of close calls. There is no way that one man will be put down with just one move (especially Reigns). The growing tension between Owens and Y2J will be a key factor at some point.

The interference of Y2J in this match is bound to happen. For the sake of the prediction, the outcome of Jericho vs. Rollins will also determine if we see Rollins also interfere. We will then have two big feuds transition into 2017.

Winner: Kevin Owens

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