Randy Gregory is going to be back with the Dallas Cowboys in just a couple of weeks. The former Nebraska Football star has sat out most of the 2016 season because of drug abuse suspensions, but the NFL announced on Monday that he will be eligible to return to the field in week 16 of the regular season. Considering Dallas is already carrying the best record in the NFL, this is like the team made a big time acquisition, just for the stretch run. The Cowboys appear only to be getting richer as they dominate the rest of the league.

Addition at defensive line

Randy Gregory has had an interesting career with the Dallas Cowboys.

Injuries and another drug suspension allowed him only to play in 12 games a year ago, where he amassed 11 tackles. This time around, the defensive end will be able to team up with another former Nebraska football star in Maliek Colins. While Collins has not put up monster numbers in his rookie season, he has had a solid year. Gregory is only going to make a defense that has been solid that much better, and he'll be able to get the team ready for the playoffs as they look to make a Super Bowl run.

Gregory still under a cloud of uncertainty

While the NFL and Randy Gregory were able to arrive at a deal that allows him back on the field for the end of the regular season, the former Nebraska football pass rusher is not entirely free and clear.

The defensive end is still facing a year-long suspension because of yet another positive drug test. The reason he can play to finish out this season despite those issues is that the suspension is currently under appeal. That means it's entirely possible the appeal could be ruled on any minute and Gregory's return to the Cowboys could be incredibly short-lived.

It stands to reason that the NFL won't rule on that appeal until after the playoffs, but we are talking about a player that doesn't appear to be able to follow the rules at all. It's possible that the league is going to make an example of the former Husker and put him back under suspension sooner rather than later.

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