The latest outcomes of the season triggered some change in the ATP Tour with Djokovic being in the spotlight as he put an end to his partnership with Boris Becker. But, it was more in terms of change and rearrangement as Milos Raonic also ended his deal with former ATP player and the world no.1 Carlos Moya. The Spaniard, 40, found himself a new purpose as he was recently co-opted as part of Rafael Nadal coaching staff.

While working with Raonic, Moya left his mark on the Canadian. Raonic, now, seems to have a great deal of maturity in his game and he ended the season with a personal best ranking which is the world no.

3. Moya picked a lingering Raonic and brought him almost to the summit in a single season.

What Moya can do to help Nadal

In terms of coaching experience, Carlos Moya has just begun having Milos Raonic as his first student. One of the biggest improvements of Raonic's game while acting under Moya`s spell was a much more aggressive approach during points with the Canadian no.1 taking few steps forward towards the net. This is how Moya used to play back in the days, always rushing his opponents to make decisions in a faster way. For Raonic, it was a successful move, but with Nadal things are going to be a little bit different.

Besides Moya, Nadal has other people around him, namely Francis Roig and Toni Nadal.

Still, Moya might bring a little bit more speed and shortened points. Back in the day, Nadal used to play those long excruciating rallies. Once he lost his sharpness, that recipe went on a slide. Now that he is 30-years-old he might want to change a bit. And a shorter, more pragmatic approach as Moya could implement is something to consider for the upcoming season.

Nadal will make his comeback on the ATP Tour

It`s already known that Rafael Nadal will hit the road after a few months break due to a wrist injury. A change of tactic having Moya in its center might work in his favor. Less effort while playing means less stress on his recovering wrist.

In terms of expectations, Rafael Nadal, 14 times Grand Slam champion, will probably focus on the clay court and the French Open.

Moya was an excellent competitor on this particular surface having one his sole Grand Slam at Roland Garros back in 1998. For Nadal, the French Open probably remains the last place where he can score in a big way.

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