Following the firing of head coach Jeff Fisher, the Los Angeles Rams are looking for a new spark to revitalize the organization. However, they will be hard pressed to perform well against the Seattle Seahawks, especially after such a short week. So, let's breakdown the match-up.

Seattle (-15)

Seattle had a woeful game in Green Bay last week, losing to the Packers 38-10. That's their biggest loss in years, especially devastating because everyone assumed Seattle to be hitting their stride at just the right time. But when Russell Wilson throws a career-high 5 interceptions, the team is hard pressed to win.

Maybe you can write off Wilson's performance because of the chilly Green Bay weather. Now, the Seahawks have a chance to redeem themselves hosting the L.A. Rams. However, the weather for Seattle this Sunday will be 37 degrees with a little rain. Oh, boy. This might cause some unfortunate turnovers for the Seahawks, considering last week's performance. Couple this with the superstition that the Rams, for some unusual reason, consistently play well against the Seahawks. As of this moment, the Rams have not announced their new head coach, but look for this game to be surprisingly close.

Total (38.5)

This total is extremely low and considering how terrible the Rams are on offense, Seattle will have to score all the points in order for the total to go over.

With the way the last game went for the Seahawks and their notorious history against the Rams, this game is looking to go under. But if the weather starts to act up and rain becomes an issue, turnovers within a team's own territory can prove lethal for an under. Just look at last Monday night's game with the Patriots and the Ravens.

A couple turnovers in the Patriots' territory and the over was locked in. But that shouldn't shy any bettors away from this under. The last time these two teams played, the Rams won at home 9-3. Seattle just can't score that many points against this team.

This is an odd game. The spread is one of the highest all season and the total is one of the lowest.

All things considered, this is looking to be a boring Thursday Night Football, but here's hoping that the head coaching change for the Rams provides any spark for the #1 pick in the draft, Jared Goff. Los Angeles does not want to be on the hot-seat for a new coach and a new quarterback.

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