AFC Playoff Standings heading into Week 16:

1. AFC East Champion: New England Patriots (12-2) - Clinched Division and First Round Bye

2. AFC West Leader: Oakland Raiders (11-3) - Clinched Playoff Spot

3. AFC North Leader: Pittsburgh Steelers (9-5)

4. AFC South Leader: Houston Texans (7-6)

5. Wild Card #1: Kansas City Chiefs (11-3)

6. Wild Card #2: Miami Dolphins (9-5)

This has been quite an interesting NFL season for the AFC! Despite all of their great teams, only 2 of them have clinched their ticket to the playoffs yet! Here are my predictions on who I think will make the playoffs:

New England Patriots: 12-2; Clinched AFC East

Next game: VS Jets - 1:00 ET

Week 16 Prediction: Patriots win, 28-7

Analysis: Following their win against Denver, the Patriots have a good chance of clinching the #1 seed in the playoffs.

Their defense is strong, and the offense is working like a well-oiled machine, even without star TE Rob Gronkowski. The Patriots can clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win and a Raiders loss, and that would be great for them because that would allow the Patriots to rest some of their players in week 17.

Playoff Prediction: AFC East Champion and #1 seed in the AFC

Oakland Raiders: 11-3; #1 in AFC West

Next Game: VS Colts

Week 16 Prediction: Raiders win, 21-17

Analysis: The Raiders looked good in their recent win against the Chargers. Their defense is solid, and their offense is continuing to roll. They could still get the #1 seed, but New England has a 1-game lead and the easier schedule.

If the Patriots and Chiefs lose 1 of their last 2 games, and Oakland wins out, they will claim the #1 seed. Oakland can clinch a first round bye with a win and a Chiefs loss.

Playoff Prediction: AFC West Champion and #2 seed in the AFC

Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-5; #1 in AFC North

Next Game: VS Ravens

Week 16 Prediction: Steelers win, 35-21

Analysis: Pittsburgh looked good in their win against the Bengals.

But not great. If they can get the offense to click and for the defense to toughen up a little bit more, they are playoff ready. They can clinch the division with a win against the Ravens.

Playoff Prediction: AFC North Champion and #3 seed in the AFC

Houston Texans: 8-6; #1 in AFC West

Next Game: VS Bengals

Week 16 Prediction: Texans lose, 14-6

Analysis: The Texans beat the Jaguars when they benched QB Brock Osweiler and replaced him with QB Tom Savage.

I don't trust Savage that much because he didn't even play a full game, and it was against one of the worst defenses in the league. The Bengals are still a strong team despite being eliminated from playoff contention, but they'll most likely be happy to play the role of playoff spoiler.

Playoff Prediction: 2nd place in AFC South and out of playoffs

Kansas City Chiefs: 10-4; Wild Card Spot #1

Next Game: VS Broncos

Week 16 Prediction: Chiefs win 21-13

Analysis: Kansas City lost a game they should've won. The offense was choppy, and they were awful in the red zone. The defense wasn't good, but wasn't awful at the same time. They can clinch a playoff spot with a win against Denver next week.

Playoff Prediction: 2nd in AFC West and Wild Card Team #1

Miami Dolphins: 9-5; Wild Card Spot #2

Next Game: VS Bills

Week 16 Prediction: Dolphins win 17-7

Analysis: The Dolphins can clinch a playoff spot with a win and a Broncos loss. They'll probably win against a weak Bills team, but don't expect them to be a threat in the playoffs. Their week 17 game against the Patriots should reveal whether or not they are real or just a fluke. I'm going with a fluke.

Playoff Prediction: 2nd in AFC East and Wild Card Team #2

Everyone Else:

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens will be eliminated from the playoffs with a loss or a dolphins win.

Tennessee Titans: The Titans can win the AFC South if they win-out, which is highly likely, due to their easy schedule.

Denver Broncos: The Broncos are eliminated from the winning the AFC West, and will be eliminated from the playoffs with a loss/tie, along with a Dolphins or Ravens win.

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