The Pittsburgh Steelers completed two comebacks of sorts in their divisional showdown with the Baltimore Ravens. First, Pittsburgh bounced back from a second-half deficit that saw them fall behind 20-10. Secondly, they completed a drive to the end zone in the last minute when they again fell behind 27-24. What resulted was a 31-27 Steelers' victory and a divisional title.

Baltimore Ravens' playoff hopes end

For the Baltimore Ravens, they simply could not stop Pittsburgh in any kind of clutch scenario. The fourth quarter was all about the Ravens marching backwards toward their own end zone. There's a place for teams that can't come up with a big defensive play in the NFL and it's not in the playoffs, but on the golf course.

Baltimore now have what will be a meaningless game against the Cincinnati Bengals next week as they can do no better than 9-7, a record that won't get them into the playoffs.

Pittsburgh are the No. 3 seed

The Steelers will be in the playoffs and their seeding is in fact set. They will be the No. 3 seed, they will play on Wild Card weekend, and Pittsburgh will host the 6 seed in the AFC at that time. There is no scenario where they improve their seeding and there is no scenario where they do worse. Their final game of the season is versus Cleveland, one that the Browns will probably want to win a lot more than the Steelers do. We'll see if Pitt coast into the playoffs with back-ups as they probably should.

The Pittsburgh Steelers winning the division helps the other Wild Card teams out. The reason for that is that Pitt now will not enter the Wild Card picture at all. Furthermore, Baltimore can't get back in it. That means that the three Wild Card contenders in the AFC East and the AFC West are a little better off.

Before Pittsburgh won on Christmas there was a scenario where both Baltimore and Pittsburgh finished 10-6 with the latter outcompeting the others for a Wild Card. That's off the tables now and it helps the Denver Broncos a tad but it also clinches a playoff spot for the KC Chiefs. Kansas City, even if they lost their next two games, would be post-season bound.

At the time of this writing the Chiefs are playing the Broncos. The game is still relevant for seeding for KC and for playoff hopes for Denver. More will be known about the complexion of the AFC playoffs with that result.

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