UFC superstar, Paige VanZant says a fight between her and Ronda Rousey is a possibility, as long as she is willing to shed some weight to make it happen. "TMZ Sports" reported that the ladies have never been the best of friends, so battling it out in the Octagon could be an attractive offer.

The feud started with Holly Holm

The ladies have been deadlocked in a year-long feud after Rousey got her feelings hurt when Paige congratulated Holly Holm for kicking Rousey's tail end 13 months ago. Ronda felt like it was an insult to her. Lately, the beef between them seems to be cooling down, at least on social media.

Paige will gain weight to make the fight happen

VanZant's offer was for Rousey to cut down to 125 and she would have to gain 10 pounds to meet at the 125-pound weight class. She felt that was more than fair, but added it all "depends on who wins UFC 207." Paige added that she thinks that Ronda will win the bout against Amanda Nunes, but it won't be easy, especially considering she hasn't fought in 13 months.

Ronda doesn't need to fight anymore

VanZant isn't sure Rousey is ready for her fight at UFC 207.

She sees her possibly retiring from the sport. She added that getting mentally prepared to go in the Octagon is tough, and takes "a special kind of fighter." After all, Paige points out that Ronda no longer needs to fight because she has multiple streams of income coming in from movie roles and other areas.

Will Ronda have ring rust?

Paige quickly dispelled any talks of Rousey having ring rust, stating she doesn't "believe it's a real thing." She said that as long as you are mentally prepared, you can take years off from the sport.

As for who she thinks will win the bout between Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes, she picked Ronda as the clear winner. She said, " I think Ronda will win in the second round with an armbar."

UFC fans, a matchup between Paige VanZant and Ronda Rousey would be an exciting fight. Who would win the bout? Do you think Rousey is ready to fight Amanda Nunes?

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