Nico Rosberg (31) was crowned F1 champion last week, but decided to retire forever because he no longer wants to be under such pressure. His retirement impacts much more than the fact of having become champion. The main reason is that he wants to dedicate more time to his marriage and to his daughter. Winning against his main rival, Lewis Hamilton (31) was an extraordinary effort that he is not willing to repeat. Rosberg has no economic needs and with all the money that he gained in the F1, he is set for life.

Lewis Hamilton

One of the reasons why the German athlete is leaving the F1 is Lewis Hamilton.

They competed in motorsports since they were children (karting), and they have been friends for a long time. When Hamilton became his teammate in Mercedes Benz, competition between them was fierce. The British driver is very different from Rosberg since he wants to stay in F1 for at least ten years. Hamilton has been F1 champion three times (2008, 2014, 2015), he wants to continue competing because he loves this sport.

Other reasons

Rosberg definitely wants to have more children with his wife Vivian Sibold (31), they already have a baby girl named Alaia. F1 absorbs all the energy and all the time in the driver's life. Rosberg knows it and that's why he decided to leave it forever. The German athlete was obsessed with being F1 world champion since he was a child.

To achieve it he had to change his eating habits, workout routine, sleep habits and his marital life. All that effort exhausted Rosberg mentally, and it would appear that the time is now right for him to hang it up.

Mercedes Benz wants to replace the German athlete with Fernando Alonso (35), a brilliant Spanish F1 driver who was a champion twice in the past.

Alonso has been the great inspiration in the sporting career of Hamilton, so it would be great to see them together on the same team. The Spanish athlete is continuing in F1 because he believes that he will be a champion once again. Both he and Hamilton could surely begin a new rivalry.

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