For most leagues, the fantasy Football playoffs started during Week 14, putting every roster decision under a microscope that can determine bragging rights for the next nine months. Winners and losers in the playoffs can be based off the winners and losers on the fantasy football field this week.


RB Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh Steelers -- Bell may be the biggest winner of the entire fantasy football season. In Week 14, he had the highest-scoring fantasy game of the season, according to ESPN's scoring system, and it wasn't even close. He rushed for 236 yards and three touchdowns, and caught four passes for 62 yards just for good measure.

The rushing yards were a team record as he outgained the entire Bills roster.

RB Bilal Powell, New York Jets -- Powell wasn't meant to make a fantasy impact during Week 14, but when Matt Forte went down with an injury, Powell came up a winner. He pounded 29 carries to a five-yard average and punched in two touchdowns in a favorable match-up.

D/ST, Atlanta Falcons -- Deion Jones returned an interception for a touchdown in the second quarter. Vic Beasley returned a fumble for a touchdown in the third quarter. The Falcons held the Rams to 14 points in Week 14. All in a day's work for a fantasy winner.


QB Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks -- The Green Bay defense wasn't considered much of a juggernaut, which is what made Wilson's Week 14 performance so disappointing.

He threw for 240 yards, but he's a loser in the fantasy world because he threw an insane five interceptions.

D/ST, Seattle Seahawks -- the Seahawks are losers in the real and fantasy realm after they gave up 38 points to the Packers during Week 14. Prior to this week, the Seahawks had never scored less than four points in the ESPN standard scoring system.

This week they had negative two.

RB Melvin Gordon, San Diego Chargers -- he isn't the real loser, as there's no need to kick someone while they're down after an injury during the Week 14 game against the Carolina Panthers. The real losers are his owners, who saw one of the best running backs rise in fantasy football only to lose him when they needed him most.

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