The New York Giants may still get into the NFL playoffs in Week 16. However, they missed their chance to go in on the heels of a victory on Thursday night. The Giants lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 24-19 thanks in part to a poor defensive start and a three interceptions out of Eli Manning. The loss worsens New York to 10-5 on the season with one game to go in their schedule. Here's how they can still clinch a Wild Card spot this weekend from the sidelines.

New York can't catch Dallas

Firstly, it should be pointed out that New York can no longer entertain any remote hopes of catching the Dallas Cowboys.

Entering Thursday, that was a faint hope however now there is not even that. New York do remain very strong in the Wild Card hunt as they appear likely to win the first Wild Card still.

The teams still alive in the Wild Card that cannot catch New York are the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings. Those teams have seven wins and even if they win out from this point onward, they would not get to 10 wins. Potential Wild Card teams that could get to 10 wins are the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions, the Atlanta Falcons, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, those four teams are also involved in their divisional race and could be taken out of the Wild Card due to that.

A lot needs to happen for Giants to miss

The Giants missing the playoffs is actually difficult. But the Giants miss the playoffs if, for starters, they lose next week at Washington to finish 10-6. That record would create the possibility for a three-way tie at 10-6 between the Detroit Lions and either TB or Atlanta.

New York can't be tied with Green Bay in the Wild Card, because if the Packers get to 10-6 then they would actually win their division. It's the three-way tiebreaking scenario that presents New York with a possible way to miss the post-season.

The scenarios get logical with a whole bunch of "if-then" statements.

To avoid too much thinking, this is all you need to know this weekend. If you are a Giants fan, you want at least one of the following to happen:

  • Carolina Panthers to beat the Atlanta Falcons
  • Dallas Cowboys to beat or tie the Detroit Lions
  • Minnesota Vikings to beat or tie the Packers
  • New Orleans Saints to beat or tie the Buccaneers

The Cowboys are the team that can be counted on the most, and they host the Lions. However, if all four of the above events go against New York then matters get trickier in Week 17. The Giants play at Washington to conclude the season, and the Redskins might find themselves in need of a win for their own playoff future.

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