The New York Giants suffered a double-digits loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 13 of NFL action 24-14. The result saw Pittsburgh improve to 7-5 on the season and that does improve the complexion of their playoff chances. Meanwhile the New York Giants declined to 8-4, however they don't look that much worse for it. They are still looking like a Wild Card team in the NFC which is what they looked like when they were 8-3.

Dallas Cowboys nearly out of reach for Giants

Firstly, the New York Giants catching the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC East division didn't seem viable heading into Sunday. The Cowboys had already won their game on Thursday night, defeating the Minnesota Vikings in a close contest.

With New York losing, it's fair to say that the Giants are enormous after thoughts to win the division now, however they were after thoughts before losing to Pittsburgh.

The Washington Redskins lost on Sunday to fall to 6-5-1 and that means the New York stay a full two wins ahead of them in the Wild Card race. The Tampa Bay Bucanneers won to improve to 7-5, however the Giants stay ahead of TB in the Wild Card standings. Furthermore, since there are two spots up for grabs New York have a bit of a fail safe as the No. 1 Wild Card team. They can afford to lose a spot and still get into the post-season.

New York Giants tough remaining schedule

But looking ahead, the New York Giants certainly don't have easy games upcoming.

Next Sunday they will face the 11-1 Cowboys in what promises to be a major challenge. After that, they face division-leading Detroit, another game that the Giants will host. To finish the regular season, New York will travel to Philadelphia and then to Washington. The Eagles are the weakest team in the quartet of remaining opponents.

However, the other three games are all against teams that currently have winning records. Accordingly, you might project New York to finish 9-7, a record that often fails to get a team into the post-season. 10-6 is where the Giants have to feel comfortable.

Not having a division-winning option certainly hurts a team's chances at this time of year.

For instance the Steelers at 7-5 are certainly not an elite team when sorted by wins. However, they have an identical record to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC North. That gives them two races to try to get into the post-season: they can get in as division winners or they can get in by virtue of the Wild Card. The former option is practically out of reach for the Giants due to the strength of their division this season.

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