The New York Giants are in the playoffs and they can do no worse than 10-6 on the regular season. Furthermore, the Giants are guaranteed the 5th seed in the AFC playoffs following results from Saturday.

The Giants were already looking good

The Giants headed into Week 16 sitting pretty, so the news of them clinching a playoff spot certainly isn't major news. With a current record of 10-5, it's not possible for two teams to match their win total in the AFC's Wild Card hunt. It is possible for both Detroit and Green Bay to get to 10 wins however, one of those teams will win the NFC North and the other could only tie New York in terms of wins.

With two Wild Cards up for grabs, New York is guaranteed to get at least one of them and by my calculations they will be the top one.

Will New York be the 5th or 6th seed?

Fans of the Giants may be interested in whether or not New York will be the 5th or 6th seed. On that note, this is what we're looking at. If New York finish the season 11-5 then they will be the first Wild Card without any tiebreakers being invoked (ie. the 5th seed). If they finish 10-6 then they could end up tied with Detroit or Green Bay in terms of wins and losses. However, if Green Bay end up 10-6 then they will actually win the NFC North and the Packers would not be in the Wild Card picture at all. If Detroit beat the Dallas Cowboys on Monday and lose to the Packers then the Lions would be 10-6 and in the Wild Card picture.

That would invoke tiebreakers between New York and Detroit with the Giants' victory over Detroit in Week 15 mattering. That win means that the Giants are guaranteed to be the 5th seed in the playoffs no matter what and they can actually coast through their game next week against the Washington Redskins if they choose to.

Tie game scenarios won't actually matter. If the Giants finish 10-5-1 and Detroit do as well, the Lions will win their division. If the Packers tie their final game they would be 9-6-1 and behind the Giants in terms of wins. Tampa Bay are out of the picture when it comes to catching New York and so are Washington.

Accordingly, the Giants will be the 5th seed for Wild Card Weekend and they will travel to play the 4 seed. A projection right now is that they will face the Seattle Seahawks or Detroit.

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