The 51st Super Bowl is about a month and a half away from starting. The longshots to win the event heading into Week 16 have generally dropped out. The Baltimore Ravens are out, the Tennessee Titans are out, the Denver Broncos are out, the Buffalo Bills are out, the Indianapolis Colts are out, and the Minnesota Vikings are out. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are all but out as someone calculated an incredibly remote chance of them making the playoffs. But for the teams that are still in serious contention, a good question is if there are any longshots that are worth a betting dabble?

Answering that question requires first exploring what makes a team a longshot.

Is 10 to 1 a longshot? If not then what about 20 to 1? It's question with opinionated as opposed to factual answers. In my view, 25 to 1 or longer makes a team a longshot so they will be the focus of this article.

San Diego found at 1000 to 1

One impossible longshot to win the Super Bowl is San Diego. The 5-10 Chargers can't actually make the playoffs any longer and have been eliminated for weeks. However, that hasn't stopped one 'BetBright' sportsbook from offering 1000 to 1 odds on San Diego, a betting line that's a total sucker bet given that it's impossible for the line to hit. You've probably heard of "Buyer's Beware" when you go the shopping mall - well there is "Bettor's Beware" when it comes to the world of online sports gaming.

New York Giants at 33/1

However, except for the Oakland Raiders (28 to 1 with 888Sport), I generally do like the longshots in the Super Bowl market this season. These are how the peripheral contenders stack up right now:

  • Washington Redskins are 100 to 1 with BetVictor
  • Miami Dolphins are 66 to 1 with BetVictor
  • Houston Texans are 66 to 1 with William Hill
  • Detroit Lions are 40 to 1 with BetVictor
  • New York Giants are 33 to 1 with Bwin

The odds on each team are long enough that you could bet them all and take delight in an upside-down playoff draw.

However, I would definitely drop the Detroit Lions at 40 to 1 from the list. The Lions are in danger of missing the post-season. Perhaps if they beat the Dallas Cowboys on Monday, you might be able to race to get them at 40 to 1 with BetVictor before the line shortens, however pending that I'd be worried about taking the Lions.

The team I like the best are the New York Giants at 33s. I think the Giants are going to end up playing the Seattle Seahawks in Wild Card Weekend and I don't mind the match-up. Furthermore, I don't mind New York at Dallas the next week as it isn't clear how Dallas' rookies are going to handle playoff pressure. 33s is worth it for me on this team with Washington a bit flirty too at 100s.

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