The Nebraska Football team might have lost a defensive line commit earlier this month, but they aren't rolling over and playing dead just yet. While the chances might be slim they can steal a recruit away from the Georgia Bulldogs, Mike Riley and company are putting on the full-court press. Georgia native Robert Beal has recently told recruiting services that while he has officially named a school he plans to attend, his recruiting period isn't quite over. The Huskers are one of the teams he still has his eyes on.

Squaring off against the SEC

If the Nebraska football team is going to have any shot to score Robert Beal, it is going to have to fight off quite a few suitors from the four-star recruit's own back yard.

Beal has been a commit to Georgia for quite some time, and he has also been taking quite a few visits. The Florida State Seminoles and the South Carolina Gamecocks are also in the mix for his services.

It is a Florida State recruiting site that most recently talked to Beal and it is that site that is reporting the Nebraska football team is still on his list of favorites. With national signing day just a few months away, the Huskers are looking to get as many kids on campus as possible in order to pull off some upsets when the smoke clears. The biggest problem for Mike Riley and company right now is that there isn't any guarantee Beal is going to be visiting Lincoln before he has to pull the trigger.

The South Carolina problem

It's always a little odd when the Huskers have to try and convince a player to come to them instead of a program that is really struggling the way South Carolina is right now. Earlier this recruiting cycle, the Cornhuskers lost out to Oregon State for a highly sought after player.

Now the Nebraska football team and defensive line coach John Parrella are being told it's a horse race for Beal's final official visit. At the moment, the defensive end recruit isn't sure whether he's going to use that last visit to take another look at the SEC school, or instead head down to Big Ten country.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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