While there has been plenty of focus on three big recruits coming in this weekend to visit the Nebraska Football program, there is a 2019 recruit who snuck in under the radar. The thing about this Texas native is that it doesn't appear as though there's much of a chance that he'll stay under the radar for long. Grant Gunnell hails from Houston, where he just put up a monster season as a sophomore, throwing for more than 70 touchdowns. That performance has caught the eye of some of the biggest schools in the country, including the Huskers.

Big time competition

In addition to the offer from the Nebraska football team, Gunnell already has offers from 10 division one schools.

That includes the like of Texas A&M and Florida State, as well as Oklahoma State. Considering the quarterback isn't going to be able to play college ball for a few years yet, it's a safe bet there are going to be even more schools lining up and trying to get him in for his services before too long.

At the moment, 247 Sports thinks Texas A&M and Oklahoma State are the two schools which have the inside track. That shouldn't come as much of a surprise because they are the two power five conference schools located closest to his home town. So what could the Huskers do in order to lure Grant Gunnell away from Texas? It appears they may have at least some kind of an ace in the hole.

The unofficial to Nebraska

While the other three recruits looking at Nebraska football this weekend are on offiicall visits, Gunnell is there on an "unofficial" capacity. When talking about why he decided to come check out the school, the big quarterback recruit told Huskers Illustrated it was because his coach had told him Danny Langsdorf was very interested in him.

The Huskers offensive coordinator got a call from Gunnell soon after, and the sophomore decided to visit. "I have some family in Norfolk," he said. "My quarterback coach let me know Nebraska was interested. From there I did some research and I really liked what coach Mike Riley is doing and I like Nebraska's rich history and it's fan base." Perhaps the Nebraska football team can take advantage of that family in Norfolk to get the young man back for an official visit.

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