The Nebraska Football team hasn't had a recruiting win in quite a while. While the team has been making inroads with some of the country's best recruits this season, so far, they haven't managed to get one to decide to play for the Huskers since the season kicked off. That could all change when four-star offensive line recruit Aaron Banks announces where he will be playing his college ball later on Friday afternoon. Banks is expected to announce with the traditional move of picking up a hat off the table in front of him and putting it on.

The Hats of Destiny

Nebraska football will have a hat at the table from which Banks can choose, though there is quite a lot of company.

In total, Banks is going to have seven different hats on the stage with him and he'll be picking from Notre Dame, Cal, Tennessee, Oregon, UCLA , Michigan and the Huskers. It should be pointed out that most recruiting services aren't giving Nebraska much of a shot to pull this one out, but they managed to plant their foot in the door.

Nebraska has also not had a great deal of success when it comes to these selection ceremonies this year. The last time the Huskers were being considered in one of these, they didn't even make the final grouping, despite most believing they had been a finalist until that morning.

Huskers Banking on an Upset

The Nebraska football team needs some good news, after finishing the season with a bad taste in their mouth.

The fans of the program are starting to get a bit anxious about the direction of the program. Even if there really shouldn't be any kind of nerves considering where the team is looking to go in 2017, a 30 point loss to end the regular season makes anyone wonder if things are headed up.

If Nebraska can find a way to get this big California kid to commit to their program it is going to be a big deal.

This is especially true considering the school has a noted weakness when it comes to offensive lineman. The Nebraska football team, along with everyone else, should find out where Aaron Banks is going on Friday night.

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