The Nebraska football team is already seeing some pretty big benefits from the hiring of Dontae Williams. The former Arizona Wildcats and San Jose Spartans coach has been well known as one of the best recruiters in the Pac 12. In fact, there are plenty of recruiting experts who consider him one of the best recruiters in the entirety of the West Coast. That's a big deal for Mike Riley and company, who have been working hard to establish a California pipeline and steal recruits right out from under the noses of the Pac 12 teams.

Williams is ace in the hole

Now that the Nebraska Football team has nabbed an assistant coach right out from under the nose of a Pac 12 team, they're trying to get one of the top recruits in the country to give the Huskers another look.

Greg Johhnson is considered the top "athlete" in the country, according to the recruiting service 247Sports.

The player had previously given the Nebraska football team a look before he decided to commit to Arizona. Dontae Williams is listed as the lead recruiter for the stud recruit. Johnson announced on Twitter he was re-opening his recruitment just one day after Williams announced he was going to be a coach for the Huskers.

Recruiter and coach

Other recruits who the Nebraska football team has been looking at hard over the last few months have reported to have good relationships with Williams. Players who had committed to, or were leaning to other schools for the last few months are suddenly thought to be giving the Huskers another look, in large part because of the new coach.

Williams, brings more to the table than a good personality. While he doesn't have a ton of experience, with just five years as an assistant under his belt, he's had good results. At San Jose State, the Spartans' pass defense was among the best in the country when he was there. That's saying something when talking about a team in the Mountain West that has long been a moribund program.

This year, with Arizona, the team was simply too bad to tell whether or not Williams was having an effect or whether the team was having an effect on his performance. It should be pointed out he's the lead recruiter for the Wildcats best nine recruits in this cycle and the class is shaping up to be the best the school has had in 10-15 years.

That's despite the team going 3-9. It appears the Nebraska football fans should be quite excited to have this young coach on staff.

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