The NBA season has only been underway for a little over a month and the Cleveland Cavaliers are already being floated around as partners in a potential trade scenario. The Cavs currently have a 15-5 record and are the top team in the Eastern Conference; however, after a recent three-game losing streak it may be time for them to make some changes before it gets too late in the season and can't be corrected.

Is Tristan Thompson on the trading block?

Cleveland Cav starting center Tristan Thompson has been a key piece in their recent deep playoff runs, which last year resulted in an NBA championship.

He signed a five-year $82 million dollar contract in October 2015, which proves how vital the Cavaliers feel he is to the success of the team.

Thompson has never been known to be an offensive force but his defensive prowess and rebounding are what make him so valuable to Cleveland. Despite this, the Cavaliers could be looking to move on from Thompson so that they can have a better opportunity to compete with teams like the Golden State Warriors, who just signed All-Star Kevin Durant in the offseason.

Trade scenario between the Jazz and the Cavaliers

The Utah Jazz are one of the NBA teams that may be engaging in trade talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers. They have a few assets that could help the Cavs stay on top of the NBA ladder .

The main piece that Utah can offer that would be appealing to Cleveland is power forward Derrick Favors. He brings a lot of talent and potential to the table to go along with his size and athleticism. Favors has the ability to attack the glass just like Thompson but he also has some offensive capabilities that Thompson just doesn't have in his arsenal.

The potential deal that is being offered would be to send Tristan Thompson and combo guard Iman Shumpert to Utah in exchange for Derrick Favors, Shelvin Mack, and Boris Diaw. This scenario could be beneficial to both teams involved. The Cavs would get a serviceable backup point guard for Kyrie Irving with the arrival of Mack and also the scoring presence they have been missing at the center position with Favors.

Cleveland would also get Boris Diaw, who is a savvy veteran with a ton of NBA playoff and championship experience. On the

On the flip side, Utah would get a good defensive minded power forward/center in Tristan Thompson and also Iman Shumpert who can play both guard positions and is also a defensive ace. The two teams have not yet put a deal together but if they do decide to pull the trigger on this it could definitely be the shot in the arm that both teams need to get ready as the playoff race begins to heat up.

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