When it comes to trade talks and Trade Rumors, the deals that often make the headlines, and the deals that are the most talked about tend to be the big name, blockbuster deals. Whether it's Kevin Durant taking his talents to the Bay area, or LeBron James both leaving and coming back home to Cleveland, the blockbuster trades get the most traction. Even in football, teams often want to go for the "Hail Mary" play, while a maneuver of lesser risk could just as easily get the job done (run it with Lynch, anyone?).

In the latest NBA trade rumors, the Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Sacramento Kings may engage in a mid-level exchange, and, while there are no blockbuster, franchise players involved in this deal, this hypothetical trade scenario would see each of these three teams benefiting.

Los Angeles Lakers would get Rudy Gay from Kings

While he had his best days playing in Memphis, and while he has not quite matched that same level of play since moving to Sacramento, Rudy Gay is still an effective player, with the potential to impact games in a significant way. Even though he does not have the same spark that he did in Memphis, Rudy Gay is still averaging 19.1 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 3.1 assists this season. On top of this, Gay is a proven veteran that could serve as a mentor to a young Laker team that would benefit from his experience.

Sacramento Kings would get Ricky Rubio from T'Wolves

There were earlier rumors that the Sacramento Kings were interested in potentially acquiring D'Angelo Russell from the Los Angeles Lakers to fill the Point Guard position.

Currently, the Sacramento Kings have Ty Lawson filling in, however, the acquisition of Rubio would be a great move for a franchise that is looking to get younger and build toward the future. While his numbers are down in comparison to his career averages, at 26-years-old, Rubio still has youth on his side, and he could prove to be an effective addition for years to come.

Also, while the DeMarcus Cousins saga is still unfolding, Rubio would be a safe bet in the present, as well.

T'Wolves would get Luol Deng from Lakers, and Darren Collison from Kings

This scenario is somewhat similar to that of the Lakers acquiring Rudy Gay, minus the overall output in terms of stats. The common thread is the fact that the Minnesota Timberwolves -- much like the new-look Lakers -- are a young team comprised of high draft picks that ultimately lack veteran guidance and leadership.

If Minnesota were to acquire Luol Deng and Darren Collison, the pair of veterans would not be expected to light up the box score or carry the load offensively. They'd be expected to play within the system and contribute when the opportunity presents itself, but their primary role would be to guide these young players and help them grow -- both as individuals and collectively as a team.

While each of these acquisitions may not make an immediate impact in terms of making a deep run in the playoffs this year, all three teams are looking to build toward the future. Each team would be able to acquire pieces that they need, so it would be a win-win across the board.

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