As a follow-up to the previous article detailing the particulars of this potential blockbuster trade involving 4 teams, a pair of draft picks, and a pair of franchise All-Stars, what follows is an in-depth analysis of how the landscape would ultimately look once the dust settles.

Boston Celtics the clear winners if trade rumors true

While the Boston Celtics would have to trade away Point Guard Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Smart, and Rookie Jaylen Brown, the Celtics would come out of this deal with the two most coveted prizes: DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall.

On paper, this deal would benefit the Celtics the most in terms of instantly acquiring top-tier talent.

While shipping off a lot of young talent and draft picks, they would be getting the most in return. Boston would still be left with a solid base, and two superstars to build around in the coming years. If you're Boston, you'd want to pull the trigger on this deal as soon as possible. The Celtics have been biding their time and stockpiling draft picks and young talent, what better way to see all of that pay off than to get not one, but two franchise players in return?

This deal, with both DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall still in their prime, would make Boston relevant again, and instant contenders, not only in the Eastern Conference, but contenders to compete for a title.

Trade Grade: A

Back to the drawing board for Sacramento Kings

No matter how you slice it, the Sacramento Kings would be giving up the most in this deal. You can look for a silver lining, however, there is no escaping the fact that in this NBA trade scenario, they would be relinquishing the most talent in DeMarcus Cousins.

Still, one also has to realize that the current look Kings will not be competing in the Western Conference as they currently are assembled -- never mind competing for a title. At least in this way, the franchise would be able to go back to basics with some young talent in tow. As a second year player, Marcus Smart is slowly beginning to establish himself, averaging 10 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists per contest.

Along with Smart, Jaylen Brown is only a Rookie, and while he is only averaging 5.5 points per contest, he is still navigating the professional arena, and there is no telling where his potential will lead. The Kings would cap things off with a first round draft choice in 2017.

Trade Grade: C

Washington Wizards would be getting some valuable pieces

While, like the Sacramento Kings, the Washington Wizards would be giving up the second most valuable player in this trade scenario behind DeMarcus Cousins, they would also be getting a sizable return on that investment. While they would be shipping off John Wall, they'd be getting back Isaiah Thomas to fill at least some of the void that would be left by Wall's departure.

You can crunch the numbers and say that Thomas isn't quite as good as Wall, but really, The Wizards would not be losing much. While it's true that Wall leads Thomas in every stat category, the disparity is rather minimal, and certainly not large enough to be significant in the bigger picture.

On top of which, they'd be getting a major upgrade at the Center position with Brook Lopez.

Trade Grade: B+

Brooklyn Nets would get the short end of the stick

Ultimately, while Gortat is an effective player and is averaging a double-double, age and overall output is not on his side. In this scenario he would effectively be a poor man's Brook Lopez. Though you may only notice a slight drop-off in stats when comparing Wall to Thomas, there is a significant drop-off when comparing Gortat to Lopez.

Adding Amir Johnson is essentially a moot point, and the only glimmer of hope in this entire scenario would be the first round draft pick in 2018, but, that does little to alter the fact that this would be a bad deal for the Nets in the present.

Trade Grade: F

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