DeMarcus Cousins in latest NBA trade rumors

As reported by the Inquisitr, DeMarcus Cousins once again finds himself at the center of one more potential blockbuster trade configuration. It's safe to say, until a decision is made and the ink on the contract is dry, Sacramento All-Star Center DeMarcus Cousins will continue to be the talk of the league -- and the most coveted player at that.

Boston Celtics interested in DeMarcus Cousins

The Boston Celtics are an interesting team this year. While not anywhere near competing for a title currently, Boston does have some great chemistry in their favor with a handful of talented, young players and an equally talented young coach in Brad Stevens.

With emerging star Thomas running the point, along with Avery Bradley, rookie Jaylen Brown, and veteran Al Horford, the Celtics certainly have an abundance of pieces at their disposal that they could move in various combinations to land a big time franchise player like DeMarcus Cousins, and, it seems as though the Celtics are looking to do just that.

The Boston Celtics are not just eyeing Cousins in these NBA trade rumors, but potentially Washington Wizards Point Guard John Wall as well. While only in the hypothetical stages, the latest rumors are swirling around a monster of a deal, which would involve a number of players and a number of teams all at once.

Within the context of this potential mega trade scenario, this is how everything would break down:

Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards and Brooklyn Nets

  • Boston would give up: Isaiah Thomas, Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and would acquire DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall.
  • Washington would give up John Wall in exchange for Brook Lopez and Isaiah Thomas.
  • Sacramento would deal their All-Star Center, and would receive Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and a 2017 first round draft pick (via Boston).
  • Finally, the Brooklyn Nets would give up Brook Lopez in exchange for Marcin Gortat, Amir Johnson, and a first round pick in 2018 (also via Boston).

The full breakdown/analysis of this NBA trade rumor will be the subject of a follow-up article.

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