The Brooklyn Nets have started the season with a very unimpressive 6-17 record over the first few months and some speculate that people in the organization may be looking to make changes. Could this mean that NBA All-Star center and franchise player Brook Lopez is possibly on the move?

Nets considering putting Lopez on the trade block

Since the Brooklyn Nets have such a terrible start to the season, General Manager Sean Marks could be looking to make some changes to the team in order to try and turn things around before it's too late to make a run at the playoffs. Its truly been disappointing for this Brooklyn team because it has not been able to be competitive in a watered down Eastern Conference.

Brook Lopez could be the odd man out in Brooklyn once all the dust settles because he is a very attractive trade piece and many teams would be willing to offer something significant to acquire his services. Lopez has career averages of 18 points and 7 rebounds per game which is far better than average statistics coming from the center position.

Boston Celtics interested in trade

The Boston Celtics are one of several teams that would like to get a player the caliber of Brook Lopez on their roster. Lopez has also been linked to potential trades with the Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Hornets, and Denver Nuggets. The Celtics are the most intriguing trade partner in the eyes of the Brooklyn Nets because of what they are able to offer in return.

The proposed trade offer from Boston would send forward Jonas Jerebko, center Tyler Zeller, and a first round draft pick in 2018 to the Nets in exchange for Lopez.

These assets would be essential to Brooklyn if they want to have good young pieces to continue to build around. The first round draft pick is a deal sweetener because the 2018 NBA draft is supposed to be loaded with great prospects.

The Celtics would be able to pair Lopez with Al Horford in the frontcourt giving them two all-stars to man the front lines. It would be an immediate and necessary upgrade for a team trying to compete with the likes of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Toronto Raptors for best in the East. With the trade deadline inching closer, time is ticking for these two teams to pull the trigger on this proposed scenario.

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