This week on NXT was the rubber match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe. Joe took round one in the program at NXT: Toronto, using a low blow to gain the advantage and the championship. Nakamura won back the title at a house show in Osaka which aired last week on the WWE Network. Wednesday night the tie-breaker match was put inside a cage.

It is notable that all three matches in this series occurred in different countries, all outside the united states. From Canada to Japan and finally to Australia this is the most far-reaching program NXT has ever done.

Nakamura vs. Samoa Joe inside a steel cage

This match went move for move until almost the very end. They started off grappling, and Nakamura got the early advantage. Samoa Joe countered just in time to be on offense when we went to an awkwardly timed commercial break.The match just went back and forth after that, with neither man staying on offense for more than one or two moves at a time.

The finish came down to these final steps

Joe was the first to lock in a finisher, trapping Nakamura in the Coquina Clutch.- Nakamura countered and landed an axe kick and running knee to the face.- After Joe kicked out, Nakamura scaled the cage to get out.- Joe caught him and attempted to give him a muscle buster from the second rope.- Nakamura countered and Joe fell to the mat.

Nakamura then walked the ropes and gave Joe a kinshasa from the top rope. - It looked as though Nakamura was headed out the cage door, but he dramatically slammed the door shut, as if to signify he would not let the rivalry end like that. - Nakamuara gave him two more kinshasas and pinned him.- Rivalry over.

Winner: Nakamura 2 matches to 1.

This does now beg the question as to where each guy goes from here. One, if not both of them could be bound for the main roster. NXT creates that awkward dilemma where you want your favorite guys to lose because that way there is a better chance they will get called up to the main roster.

If WWE continues the pattern of NXT booking used in the last few years, then the chances look good that Samoa Joe could be bound for Raw or Smackdown soon. Chances are good that if either of them will be debuting on the main roster soon, they will make their debut at the Royal Rumble.

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