Since 2002, when Bud Selig was the commissioner of Major League Baseball, the World Series home-field advantage was always determined by the winner of the All-Star game. In 2002, the all-star game ended in a 7-7 tie in the 11th inning because both teams ran out of pitchers. So, to motivate players to be more competitive during the All-Star game, Selig introduced the idea of the winning league securing home-field advantage in the World Series. Today, that ruling was finally reversed, and we'll weigh the pros and cons.


The All-Star game will most likely go back to being a very passive game, where MLB stars go because they have to.

Truth be told, all-star games in other sports, such as the NBA and the NFL, also have very passive games. For athletes, all-star weekend (or week) is about taking some time off from playing every day, and enjoying that time with other renowned athletes. From the league's perspective, it's bad for business if athletes aren't going out there and putting on performance.


The World Series will no longer be decided by the outcome of a meaningless All-Star game. Instead, it will be determined by the best regular season record, which is the most important factor in determining home-field advantage. According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, "The American League won 11 of 14 All-Star Games played under the rule, and the AL representative won eight World Series in those years." Why should the team with the best regular-season have to give up the home-field advantage to an inferior team because players in the league won an all-star game?

I get it from a motivating aspect in the ASG, but outside of that, doesn't make much sense.

The All-Star game doesn't exactly lose it's luster, either. According to Nightengale, "As part of the changes for next year, players in the ASG will have the incentive to play for a pool of money." What's a better motivating factor than a financial incentive?

Granted, I don't anticipate the pool of money being a large sum of change, but it's still reason enough to play hard.

All in all, I'm glad the MLB made this move. Play the regular season, win the most games, and home-field is yours. Period.

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