Mickey Gall is now 3W-0L in his MMA career, as he submitted Sage Northcutt Saturday night in Sacramento. As he has done in all previous fights, Gall had a name in mind to call out for his next fight.

Mickey Gall vs Sage Northcutt

Round 1

This was going to be a battle to see who could make it their kind of fight. Gall wants to take it to the ground to neutralize Sage's superior kickboxing and karate, and Sage wanted to keep it standing and force Gall to strike with him. Gall landed a takedown early, which was not a good sign for Sage. Gall would spend the next few minutes looking to lock in a guillotine on Sage, but Northcutt escaped and ended up on top briefly.

Sage would let him up and the two would jaw at each other. Sage threw a kick that Gall caught and used to secure his second takedown of the fight. 10-9 Gall.

Round 2

Everything was different in round 2. Stann commented on how Northcutt's corner told him to avoid throwing low kicks, as Gall could catch those and turn them into takedowns. With Northcutt looking only to box in round 2, he landed two left crosses, one of which dropped Gall. All of a sudden there was reason to believe that momentum had shifted in the fight. But then Gall landed a right that dropped Sage and marked the beginning of the end. Gall got on top of him, but instead of going for the ground and pound to get the stoppage, he locked in a rear-naked choke and got the tap-out win.

Gall via Round 2 submission.

What's next for Mickey Gall?

Mickey Gall is a guy who always has a plan. In his post-fight press conference he announced that he is dropping to 155lbs and wants to fight Dan Hardy next. Hardy is an interesting choice as it is not altogether clear if he is retired or not. He was diagnosed with a heart condition in 2013 that has prevented him from fighting.

There is treatment available for his condition that would give him a clean bill of health, but as of November reports are he had deferred treatment on the basis that the condition had never caused any problems for him. If Gall called out Hardy however, it stands to reason that he heard the former welterweight title challenger was coming out of retirement.

What's next for Sage Northcutt?

Sage has lost two in the UFC already, having previously dropped a bout to Bryan Barberena in January. At only 20 years of age you almost wonder if he should take some time to regroup before getting in the octagon again. His ground game does not appear to have caught up to his striking game yet, and perhaps it might be best to take some time away from competing to improve in that area.

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