It was supposed to be the perfect evening for Team Alpha Male, only Michelle Waterson had other plans. Waterson choked out rising prospect, and Team Alpha Male standout, Paige Van Zant in Saturday's main event from the gym's hometown. Team Alpha Male owner, Urijah Faber was victorious earlier in the evening in his retirement bout. The live crowd was hoping that Paige Van Zant would close out the evening in successful style for their hometown fight camp.

Michelle Waterson vs. Paige Van Zant

Waterson took the center of the cage and Van Zant circled to start the fight. Neither fighter was doing too much when PVZ looked to go for a judo throw, only Waterson managed to get her head loose and ended up with Van Zant's back.

From there it was the beginning of the end, as Waterson locked in a guillotine and never looked back. It would take a few minutes but she eventually locked it in tight enough that PVZ went out (she never tapped).

Waterson via submission at 3:21 of round 1

What's next for Paige Van Zant?

Van Zant was the second of two up-and-coming prospects that lost in Sacramento, as Sage Northcutt was submitted earlier in the evening by Mickey Gall. At only 22-years-old, you have to wonder if PVZ would be better suited to take more time off to train in-between fights, because at the moment she probably doesn't have the skill-set to beat the top in the division. She could develop those skills, however, and the same goes for Sage Northcutt.

Most fighters in their early twenties should be wary of taking too many beatings early in their career. It's doubtful Van Zant will want to go that route. In post-fight interviews she said she will one day be UFC champion.

What's next for Michelle Waterson?

Waterson is in a good position to get a big fight for her next bout.

After having been gone for 17 months, she'll be looking to take on a top 10 ranked fighter next. She neglected to call anybody out in her post-fight interview, though. Considering how dominant she looked in a high-profile main event on Fox, it is almost a given that the UFC will give her a top ranked fighter next.

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