Although it might sound unreal, nearly 3 years have passed since Michael Schumacher almost lost his life being involved in a skiing accident. On 29 of December 2013, while most of the people were caught with winter holidays and the new Year's Eve was knocking at the door, a horrible news report struck having Schumacher as the main course.

The aftermaths are widely known, the former Formula 1 champion went through hell as the physicians put in their best in order to save the life of such a beloved character.

The highlights of his rehabilitation

The news of his accident triggered a long-lasting drama with the pilot episode of the series taking place in Grenoble, France where Schumacher was hospitalized first.

Outside the hospital's gates, dozens of news reporters from all over the world made camp hoping for a new piece of information regarding Schumacher's well-being.

Throughout this period, the official updates on the matter were rather short. In September 2014, Schumacher left the hospital in Grenoble and was taken to his home in order to continue his recovery far from the public curiosity.

The next major update emerged in May 2015 in the shape of a video released by Schumacher's manager, namely Sabine Kehm. The video stated that the German is on a positive course having some improvements. Once again, Sabine emphasized that given the circumstances, the progress would be a long grueling battle.

Earlier this year, in September, Michael Schumacher's lawyer declared during a court trial that his client is unable to walk.

It is known that Schumacher' family choose to keep the issue out of the media especially after some fake news report. The lawyer' statement emerged in a trial against a German paper. The news publication is the one which in December 2015 reported that Schumacher was able to walk.

Schumacher's life can make a film scenario with ease

Throughout his career, Schumacher won 7 titles as A Formula 1 pilot. With him being so dominant on the race tracks in the early 2000s, the popularity of this sports increased rapidly. His team, namely Ferrari, lived one of the greatest periods in its history of F1 with Schumacher as the main violin.

Besides his career, Michael also got involved in charity work playing some exhibition soccer matches. The 47-years-old German' life had enough of all, from fame to drama, and in the future maybe a filmmaker will decide to bring an homage.

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