Week 16 of the NFL season is truly an exciting one. Multiple teams, including the No. 4 Houston Texans and the No. 3 Pittsburgh Steelers, have sealed their seeds in the playoffs while other teams, like Baltimore and Tennessee, have seen their playoff hopes ended. At the time of this writing, the Miami Dolphins are scoreboard watching as the Kansas City Chiefs host the Denver Broncos.

KC wins and Miami is in

The game is certainly one that the Miami Dolphins should be interested in. If the KC Chiefs win the game, then Miami is guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. They've been one of the hottest teams over the last couple of months and the reward that they have been working for could be within reach.

At the time of this writing the first quarter between KC and Denver is over and the KC Chiefs hold a two-possession lead (21-7). If any lead holds up to the end of the game for KC then Miami would be in the playoffs with a five seed or six seed yet to be determined. If the Chiefs win then to get a five seed the Dolphins would need to beat the Patriots next week and hope that the Chiefs lose to the Chargers. Either scenario happening is actually on the longer side of things.

KC winning means Miami probable 6 seed

If the Denver Broncos should come back and beat the Chiefs, then Miami's chances of finishing as the 5th seed improve. They would need to beat New England next week or see the Chiefs lose to the Chargers -- not both.

However, if the Broncos beat KC on Sunday night by virtue of a comeback then there are scenarios where the Dolphins do not make the playoffs at all.

In short, KC winning gets Miami into the playoffs for certain however it lessens their chances of improving their seeding to a five seed. I would have to think that Miami would prefer to face the Houston Texans than Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers, making the 5 seed the coveted one.

However, if KC continue to nurse their lead then a six seed becomes more likely than the five. More updates are pending, but Miami fans are sort of in a bit of a conundrum.

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