Jeremiah Crane has done little in Lucha Underground since debuting, aside from being the behind-the-scenes girlfriend of Ivelisse (in storyline). He picked up the biggest win of his post-WWE career thus far in the opening match from Lucha Underground this week.

Lucha Underground's Battle of the Bulls Tournament

This was the third of four qualifying matches for the Battle of the Bulls tournament final. Dario Cueto announced the tournament on last week's episode during a segment with Angelico. Cage was the first to qualify for the finals in last week's tournament opener. He won a fatal 4-way match which also consisted of Dr.

Wagner Jr., Joey Ryan and Texano. In the second qualifying match, also held last week, the Mack was victorious in a match which also featured Dragon Azteca, Mart "the Moth" Martinez and former Lucha Underground champion, Mil Muertes.

The tournament follows the same format of the popular Mexican annual event from AAA, Lucha Libre. The "Rey de Reyes" (King of Kings) tournament also features four fatal 4-way matches in the first round, followed by a 4-way elimination match in the final. In AAA, the winner gets a big shiny sword as a trophy as well. While in AAA there is no guarantee the winner will be given a title shot, Dario Cueto has announced that the winner of the Battle of the Bulls will receive exactly that.

Crane Picks Up Big Win on Lucha Underground

Jeremiah Crane picked up the win in his fatal 4-way match to open the show this week, pinning fellow newcomer Dante Fox to earn the right. Mariposa and Killshot were the other two members of the match.

Crane turned the bout into a hardcore match early by introducing chairs.

A gigantic tower of doom spot early in the match resulted in Killshot going through several chairs that Crane had stacked up. Killshot and Dante continued their rivalry, although Vampiro and Matt Striker made little mention of their deeper past. Lucha Underground commentators do not see the behind the scenes videos that the home audience does.

As such, they are not aware of Killshot and Fox's more detailed backstory.

For Crane to win the Battle of the Bulls, he will have to outlast the Mack, Cage and PJ Black in the finals. If Crane is going to be a main event guy for the promotion, this is his chance. He has a tough ride ahead of him in the finals.

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