It certainly appears that Lionel messi is definitely a mutant, a total freak of nature. The Soccer player for Barcelona is actually so good that he is even impressing his teammates. In his most recent performance, he actually claimed a goal and two assists on the way to Barcelona winning a 4-1 victory.

Earning the respect of his teammates

Luis Suarez in particular had nothing but adulation for his teammate, and said that his ability to score goals was like "something from the Playstation." Yes, that iconic game console, where players perform acrobatic feats of daring, and where almost anyone can pull a Chuck Norris in a war video game if they wish.

Messi, the freak of nature

Messi really did blur the lines between video games and reality, especially as he danced between two opposing defenders and cleared the way for Suarez to score his second goal. After the game, the Uruguayan striker was literally in awe of Messi, and said he would have rather had it so that the Argentine player had scored the goal himself.

Is Lionel Messi the greatest of all-time?

Messi is widely considered to be one of the greatest soccer players of all-time. An article in The Telegraph describes many of the reasons, including the fact that Messi has incredible balance, great composure, excellent control, superior dribbling skills, and he is also an excellent all-around teammate.

All of these components are what make up a superior soccer player.

"The derby games are always beautiful. We won and we played well and we recovered a good feeling," Suarez told Movistar Plus, They definitely need Messi for as long as he can play.

"I would have preferred that, rather than scoring the second goal myself, Messi could have finished it after his great piece of play," Suarez said.

Besides his work with Saurez, Messi's assist to set up Alba was also something to behold. Messi overpowered Espanyol's backline and then found the net with a powerful left-footed booming kick. All in all, a solid performance by the Barcelona team. I bet they are thankful that Messi did not go to jail for tax fraud, that is for sure.

Just another day at the office for Messi

One of the main reasons for this performance was due to the immense amount of power that Lionel Messi possesses. It's pretty telling, especially considering that Messi holds the record for goals scored in La Liga. Thus, all in a day's work for one of the greatest goal scorers of all-time.

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