Were Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho fooling everyone all along? Was the end of their friendship we had seen on Raw over the last few weeks just a performance? Was it all an elaborate ploy so that Jericho could cause the intentional disqualification in Owens' Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns?

The build to Roadblock: End of the Line

The main event from the final WWE PPV of the year saw Kevin Owens defending his Universal Championship against US Champion, Roman Reigns. The story heading into this match had little to do with the challenger, however. For weeks Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens, who had been publicly declaring their "best friendship" for much of 2016, seemed on the verge of a broken alliance.

Nobody was sure if we would see Jericho interfere in Owens' match with Reigns or not.

The end of the friendship represented a real threat to Owens' Universal Championship reign. In recent matches, Owens needed the help of Jericho in or to defend his title. Most notably, Jericho even snuck into the Hell in a Cell and helped Owens defeat Seth Rollins in October.

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns from Roadblock: End of the Line

The match started with Kevin Owens immediately leaving the ring and seemingly stalling for time on the outside. Owens then ended up spending much of the first part of the match on offence after catching Roman with a boot to the stomach as he tried to re-enter the ring.

From there Owens controlled much of the match, cutting Roman off whenever he tried to go back on offence.

As the match wore on, Roman started to land some of his bigger moves, but Owens always found a way back on offence.

The match spilled to the floor again, and this allowed Owens to give Roman a frog splash through the announce table. Eventually, Roman fought back and ended up giving Owens the spear. As both wrestlers lay on the mat, Chris Jericho made his way to ringside.

We were finally going to get the conclusion to the storyline that had been building for weeks.

Jericho took his time and let the anticipation build before landing a codebreaker on Owens, resulting in a disqualification. Since Jericho attacked Owens, it caused Roman to be disqualified. This is a line in the wrestling rule book that badly needs to be updated.

Where does everything go from here?

After the match, Jericho and Owens hugged, which may have been a sign that it had all been a plan all along. Only Owens seemed genuinely surprised by Jericho's help in the match, which may lead one to believe that Jericho has other motives in mind. Perhaps Jericho thinks he could market the break-up of his friendship with Kevin Owens into a high-profile Universal Championship match with him down the line. Chris Jericho has been known to be that sneaky before.

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