Kemba Walker certainly has had a lot to cheer about this season. The standout point guard with the Charlotte Hornets is the best player on a team that is currently on top of its division. Furthermore, long-time nemesis Miami is way down at the bottom of the division with Dwyane Wade moving up north. That makes Charlotte's playoff chances look pretty good, even though we're still not at the midpoint of the NBA season.

Walker had a fail on Thursday

However, Kemba Walker cheered just a little too soon in a game against the Heat on Thursday night. The former UCONN guard, who is shooting about 41% from behind the arc this season, thought that he had dialed one up on a friendly rim from long range.

With the ball appearing to settle down in the cylinder, Walker faced the other direction, did a little jig, and the ball bounced out for a missed shot.

Walker certainly isn't the only athlete that has ever celebrated too soon. The sports-blooper reels are full of them and people really like watching them. If you ever want a laugh, just go to YouTube and search for keywords "early celebrations sports." You'll see football players celebrating their touchdowns before they get scored, soccer goalies celebrating shoot-out saves as funky backspin causes the ball to cross the line, and snowboarders showboating before the finish line only to fall over and finish second (and lose a gold medal....).

It could have been worse for Walker

Walker's showboating is a fail that certainly won't go down in history as an epic fail. However, he's likely to take some flak from his teammates for the mishap and, for the next little while at least, he'll probably do one simple thing that coaches drill into you from an early age: he'll keep his eye on the ball.

Have a look at Walker's early celebration below, one that could have been far worse for embarrassment if his team was playing on the road in Miami instead of home. Furthermore, Walker is partly redeemed by the fact that he was the leading scorer in the game, one that his side won by nine points.

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