The Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos will meet in the late game on Christmas Day. The game will come from KC as the Chiefs look to eliminate the Denver Broncos from playoff contention. A Chiefs win would also confirm their playoff aspirations, however they are not yet a lock for the playoffs.

KC may win division yet

At 10-4 heading into the game, KC have a range of playoff possibilities still. They can still win their division and enter the post-season as the No. 2 seed in the AFC. That would afford them the advantages of missing Wild Card Weekend with a bye and hosting in the divisional round.

Furthermore, if the New England Patriots are upset in that round, it's possible that KC would host the conference final if they made it that far.

In order for KC to get the 2 seed, there are three events that need to take place. They need to beat Denver and they need to beat the Chargers next week. Then KC need to hope that Denver beat the Oakland Raiders next week as well. That latter result is a tricky one, because if KC beat Denver on Christmas then the Broncos are in the playing-for-pride contingent. However, the Raiders will be without their starting quarterback now so that does give any team facing them an edge.

KC want Pittsburgh to win Sunday

KC fans want the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the other Christmas Day game to eliminate the possibility of Pitt entering the Wild Card picture.

A Pitt win would make the Chiefs a lock for the playoffs. If the Steelers win and the Broncos beat KC on Sunday, then the Chiefs will definitely be a Wild Card in the post-season. We would then be looking at developments next week to see if they would be a 5 seed or a 6 seed.

KC's doomsday scenario could start on Christmas Day.

The following sequence of events would mean no Chiefs in the playoffs:

  • Baltimore beat Pittsburgh on Christmas
  • Denver beat KC on Christmas
  • Baltimore beat the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 17
  • Pittsburgh beat the Cleveland Browns in Week 17
  • San Diego beat the Chiefs in Week 17

The above five-step sequence would see Baltimore 10-6, Pittsburgh 10-6, the Miami Dolphins either 10-6 or 11-5, Denver either 9-7 or 10-6, and KC 10-6.

The AFC North would go to Baltimore while KC would lose to Pitt on tiebreakers in the Wild Card because the Steelers own a win over KC from way back in Week 4. If Denver are 10-6 and Miami are 10-6, the Chiefs are still out.

To keep things simple for KC fans on Sunday, obviously they want their team to win. However, you also want to pull for Pittsburgh to prevent any kind of doomsday scenario from playing out. It might seem a little strange to cheer for Pitt given that they can knock KC out, but that has to do with getting Pitt into the division lead and out of the Wild Card picture. That said, Pitt's result won't matter if KC win their own division or another game this season. Furthermore, simply the fact that the Chiefs play the Chargers next week is a good scheduling break.

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