The Kansas City Chiefs promise to have a dramatic Week 17 in the NFL regular season. It's not that they have to worry about making the playoffs, the results on Sunday guarantee that they will be in. However, KC can still finish 6th, 5th, or even 2nd and that gives them all to play for.

Chiefs qualified when Baltimore lost

Firstly, the Chiefs qualified after the early game on Sunday that saw the Baltimore Ravens lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Chiefs improved their playoff complexion when they defeated the Denver Broncos to improve to 11-4 on the season. As a result of the win, KC can still hope to get up to the 2nd spot in the AFC playoffs.

Otherwise KC will get a Wild Card as either the 5th or 6th seed.

The difference between 2nd spot and 5th spot is drastic when it comes to assessing a team's playoff chances. For instance, the 2nd seed in the playoffs avoids Wild Card Weekend entirely and hosts a game in the divisional round. If the 2nd seed wins in the divisional round it's possible that they also host in the conference final, although that would require an upset of the top seed. But a Wild Card gets no bye and no guarantee of any home-field advantage. The Chiefs as a 5 seed would be travelling to Houston to play the Texans and then on the road surviving that. A six-seeded Chiefs would have to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, a tough ask for any team.

KC should remain a motivated bunch

KC are in the playoffs, but they certainly have ample reason to play motivated football next week. In a way, the injury to Derek Carr, as tragic as it was, helps KC's chances. Oakland might lose to Denver next week because the Broncos will be playing against a back-up QB.

The Chiefs would then only need to beat the Chargers to claim the No. 2 seed.

Right now, KC's doomsday scenario is a loss to the Chargers while Miami win their game. That would see Miami move into the five seed. I think both Miami and KC would be happier playing Houston than Pittsburgh, simply because of the Pittsburgh offense.

It's Kansas City that are in control of their destiny as a win next week guarantees no worse than a five seed. KC's likely route to the Super Bowl right now is through Houston, then probably New England, before the AFC conference final.

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