Mike Goldberg has been the voice of the UFC for a long time, serving as an announcer for the company for nearly two decades, since 1997. He recently announced the upcoming UFC 207 card would be his last, begging the question as to who his replacement would be. The answer appears to be Jim Rome, if reports coming from multiple sources are to be believed.

The winds of change

The UFC was recently sold in a blockbuster deal to WME/IMG, which led to rumors that there could be major changes coming to the organization. One of those rumors was a new announcer, perhaps to be paired alongside Goldberg or Joe Rogan, who is signed to the organization through 2017.

The idea of Jim Rome being cast in the role wasn't discussed until former fighter Chael Sonnen suggested it during a podcast appearance on "You're Welcome" several weeks ago.

Another name suggested for the announcer position was Max Kellerman. The former ESPN "SportsNation" host recently took a new job with the sports company for their show "First Take," but he has been known to be a popular boxing commentator for years. With Rome rumored to be on the verge of joining the UFC according to Jeremy Botter, it seems unlikely Kellerman would tag along as second-fiddle.

Rome's unlikely career choice

Rome is currently a host on CBS Sports Radio, and his broadcasting career has taken him to many major sports companies around the country, including ESPN and Showtime.

His hosting style is polarizing to many, making any career move for him controversial. He doesn't have any known experience when it comes to doing play-by-play for professional sporting events, making a move to be the UFC announcer even more confounding.

What works in his favor (if he wants the job) is a friendship with WME/IMG co-president Mark Shapiro, as well as a close relationship with UFC president Dana White.

Rome may not be the most qualified candidate for the announcer position, but his elevation to the role would almost definitely draw more viewers to a company that profits largely on PPV buys.

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