The International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) got a lot less interesting for fans on Tuesday as news that neither Roger Federer nor Serena Williams would play in the event. Federer had been a part of the Indian Aces while Williams had been a part of the Singapore Slammers. However, both of those two teams won their matches on Tuesday as the league resumed after switching from Japan to Singapore.

Indian Aces victorious without Federer

The Indian Aces defeated the UAE Royals 26-19 with only one dropped set. Tomas Berdych was effective for the Royals as he defeated Feliciano Lopez. However, every other set went the way of the Aces as they improved to 3-1.

They are looking like stronger and stronger candidates to make the final on December 11th.

The Singapore Slammers also posted a victory, even without Serena Williams. Keke Bertens was a big contributor in Williams' place as she beat Jelena Jankovic 6-2 in the opening set. Bertens also teamed with Carmelo Melo to win a mixed doubles set 6-2. That Bertens' team went +8 on games when she was on the court can't be ignored when looking at the final score between the Slammers and the Japan Warriors. Her side cruised to an easy victory 29-16 with Nick Kyrgios also doing well against Fernando Verdasco. The Slammers improved to a 2-2 record but still sit behind the UAE Royals, a team that also has a 2-2 record.

However, heading into Wednesday the Royals are better on games-won/games-lost ratios.

IPTL continues on Wednesday

The IPTL continues tomorrow with the Warriors facing the Indians and the Slammers facing the Royals. On Thursday the Warriors will face the Royals and then the Slammers face the Aces. They will then change venues to India on Friday and Saturday for two matches before the top-two teams in the league face one another in the final.

On the matter of Federer's and Williams' withdrawals from the event, tournament representatives have not communicated much. The homepage does have an "Official Statement on Roger Federer and Serena Williams" but basically all the statement does is confirm that Federer and Williams won't play. It also says that Mahesh Bhupathi "reached out" to get an explanation as to why Federer and Williams weren't playing but updates are still pending.

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