The Houston Texans clinched their playoff berth on Saturday when they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 12-10. However, following that result their seeding in the playoffs still hung in the balance. That is no longer the case following Pittsburgh's victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday night.

Houston seeding is now finalized

The Steelers defeated the Ravens and in doing so Pittsburgh clinched their divisional title. Regardless of how things go in Week 17, Pittsburgh will finish the season as the three seed in the AFC. Houston couldn't do worse than a four seed after beating Cincinnati on December 24th.

However, slim hopes of improving to a three seed still existed heading into Sunday. These hopes are now out the window. Basically, the news update for Houston is that the Texans will be the four seed and they will host the five seed on Wild Card Weekend.

Houston still don't know who their opponent will be, but one thing they do know is that they do not have to worry about winning in Week 17 for any reason. Houston can play their back-ups as they please, rest their key players, and allow anyone with any kind of minor injury to rest. Perhaps it may even be worth it for them to forsake the three seed to have all pressure taken off of winning in Week 17.

If the Ravens had won then the Titans could have improved.

It would have involved defeating Tennessee next week and then watching the scoreboard to see how the Ravens did again.

Houston's likely playoff opponent

The Miami Dolphins are a team that can still finish as a five seed a the time of this writing. Furthermore, the Kansas City Chiefs could finish in that position as well.

The Denver Broncos could still make the post-season, however their hopes are only as a six seed and that team would play Pittsburgh. Therefore Houston fans can look at the NFL standings and know that the Texans will face either Miami or KC in Wild Card Weekend. For probability, it's the Dolphins that are more likely, however, things can change quickly in the NFL.

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