The Buffalo Bills are a tough team to root for. They haven't made the playoffs in more than 15 years and that makes it very hard to believe in the team. As a Bills fan, I know exactly how the agony goes. Every season, the Bills get my hopes up with some early season wins but eventually collapse and miss the playoffs. According to fans, that's exactly where this season is headed.

What a Twitter Poll Revealed

John Murphy, an excellent radio host who focuses on the Bills, ran a poll on Twitter. Approximately 1,338 fans participated in the poll and the following Tweet displays the results.

The most popular answer was 0%, with 58% of fans voting for the zero percent chance of the Bills making the playoffs.

About a quarter of fans thought there was between a 1% and 10% chance of the team getting there, slightly more positive. There was even a small contingent of Bills fans (about 3%) that believed the team had a greater than 50% chance of making the playoffs. Props to those people, I wish I could be as optimistic.

Pessimistic or Realistic?

It's hard to believe that a majority of fans are giving the team zero chance to reach the playoffs. To that contingent, there is no scenario in which the Bills could possibly make it there. But is it really that unreasonable to have such a pessimistic outlook about the playoff picture?

The AFC West has three teams currently in playoff spotshunt. It would be impossible for the Bills to surpass the Raiders and highly unlikely that they pass the Chiefs.

That leaves the Broncos, who already have two more wins than the Bills and currently occupy a playoff spot. Miami, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore are also ahead of Buffalo currently. So it's understandable for fans to give the team a 0% chance. Still, their remaining games are winnable.

Looking Ahead.

The Bills have games against the Steelers, Browns, Dolphins, and Jets in the last four weeks of the season.

The Steelers game will likely be the toughest, but the Bills will have their home crowd to back them up. If they can win all four, Buffalo will still have a small shot at making it to the playoffs and ending the drought.

The lack of optimism from the fans right now is understandable given the team's current situation and their recent collapse against Oakland.

All Bills fans can do now is hope they were wrong in their assessment of the team's playoff chances by the end of the season.

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