The Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers are certainly in one another's way when it comes to the divisional title in the NFC North. By the time the start of their game rolls around late on Sunday, the two teams may in fact be in one another's way for the playoffs. The Packers face the Lions in Week 17, the final game of the NFL's regular season, and there is a lot on the line.

Washington Redskins' result a factor

Both teams will be mindful of the scoreboard earlier in the day, although it shouldn't matter much when it comes to game preparation. However, if the Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants, as favored, then both Detroit and Green Bay will need a win (or tie) to get into the post-season.

If the Redskins lose then Green Bay and Detroit are still playing for NFC seeding.

The Packers enter the game as pretty strong road favorites. Bet365, for example, have GB at -175 to win straight-up, pretty strong odds on a team that's playing as visitor against a 9-6 team. Detroit, however, has seen things go wrong in a big way down the stretch. In Week 16's Monday Night Football game they lost to the Dallas Cowboys and the week before they lost to the New York Giants. What was once a confident and seemingly-powerful team is suddenly looking meek and vulnerable and may miss the post-season.

Rodgers said they might run the table

Green Bay, on the other hand, looks anything but meek. Aaron Rodgers, when the Packers were 4-6, suggested that his team could run the table from that point onward.

Since then GB has in fact gone 5-0 for the 9-6 record that they now have. The Packers certainly haven't played well at all points in their games, but they truly have turned the season around after looking like an under performer about a month and a half ago. If they win on Sunday night, then they will complete what Rodgers suggested they would.

Game time this week is 8:25pm ET, a game that will be played in isolation. All other results will be in and, if Washington wins, then the final game is actually a one-and-done. Detroit may be the underdog, but they may yet be the No. 2 seed with some luck. The swing potential is immense for them as a loss and bad luck could leave them sidelined.

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