Former NFL player Joe McKnight has been killed in a road-rage shooting incident.

What do we know about the shooting?

McKnight, who at one point was drafted by the New York Jets, was in his home state of Louisiana during the incident, and the shooting occurred within the New Orleans suburb of Terrytown, at around 3 in the afternoon this past Thursday.

Multiple witnesses reportedly claimed to see a man within an Infiniti sedan, who pulled McKnight from his car and shoot him more than once, after what has been referred to as a verbal incident between the two. Police have not released information over the nature of the verbal altercation, but one witness had claimed to have heard the shooter say, “I told you don’t f--k with me.”

According to reports, McKnight himself was unarmed at the time of the attack.

His official date of death is December 1, 2016.

McKnight notably has the distinction of being the second NFL player to die in 2016 over a vehicular incident, the first being Saints Player Will Smith, who was killed earlier this year in April.

What do we know about the shooting suspect?

The shooting suspect has been identified by police as Ronald Gasser. According to reports, after the shooting, he had waited for police to arrest him, and gave his gun to authorities. While the investigation is still said to be ongoing, Gasser was released from police custody early Friday morning without being charged. At the time of his arrest, it had reportedly been unclear what the charges were going to be.

Gasser’s family has said in released statements that they could not believe he was capable of such an act.

Upon questioning, residents who had become acquainted with Gasser claim the man, who is a white telecommunications expert, was a bit of a loner. Others have been less than condoning of Gasser’s actions. McKnight’s former teammate, Antonio Cromartie, criticized the action to release Gasser without charging him, saying that McKnight was “my brother, my friend, a father, a son, a brother” and that it was ridiculous that a man could take another’s life, and get to sleep safely in his own bed, a privilege his victim can no longer have.

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