Floyd Mayweather's attorney Shane Emerick told Las Vegas Sun that the boxing king will oversee a strip club called Girl Collection as an owner. Sheri's Cabaret, the former 6,000 square-foot night club, has been sold to Mayweather for $2.9 million, according to Emerick. The strip club is set to open soon.

"Floyd has obtained licensing for Girl Collection and as far as when it opens and things like that, they haven't been determined yet," Emerick said. "But he has obtained a work card and licenses."

As the world's highest sports earning entertainer aims the building to be a "high-end cabaret," personal TV monitors will be installed in VIP rooms and luxurious private space upstairs, as initially reported by ToplessVegas.com.

Attorney says Mayweather's legal troubles would not affect his license eligibility

Although the service of alcoholic beverages in Southern Nevada is prohibited, the city of Las Vegas approved Mayweather to obtain a tavern-limited license, which authorizes his club to sell alcohol. He also met the city's requirement by obtaining a topless club license as well as a normal business license. The city charged an origination fee of 20,000 and a semi-annual fee of $800 for tavern-limited license.

Emerick said the ability to obtain the licenses has been accomplished by Mayweather. Prior to obtaining licenses, he has faced charges of domestic violence and sexual harassment in the past. However, as Emerick noted, Mayweather's legal issues would not affect his license eligibility.

"Everything about Floyd is part of the procedure and everything was disclosed. It's all public record," Emerick said. "It's gone very smoothly. Floyd lives in Las Vegas. He's part of the community and he has abided by every procedure and application process and submitted everything timely and successfully."

Rumors spread out about Mayweather's possibility of fight comeback

Mayweather is enjoying retirement, but rumors had been spread regarding his consideration of a fight comeback, according to media members.

Mayweather has discussed a boxing promotion with CBS and Showtime that would compensate him a guaranteed $100 million had he come out of retirement.

Mayweather, the boxing champion who holds a 49-0 record, has a potential to exceed an undefeated boxer Rocky Marciano's 49-0 record. ESPN reported in May that Mayweather Promotions have registered for "TMT" 50 and "TBE" 50 trademark, indicating that he would pursue a 50-win mark.

TMT represents for "The Money Team," while TBE represents for "The Best Ever."

Forbes listed Mayweather at No. 34 the richest entrepreneur in the world

Throughout his 19-year professional boxing career, Mayweather generated $700 million in his earnings. Even without sponsorship from the brands, the 39-year old boxer, who owns numerous boxing titles, was estimated to be worth $340 million, which Forbes named him at No. 34 the richest entrepreneur in America under 40.

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