Saturday's El Clasico - the tremendously famous match between rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, saw a less ugly side as the two teams gathered for a moment of silence along with a photo showing support for Brazilian team Chapecoense, who lost most of their players and staff in a tragic plane crash last week.

Rivals Come Together

The small ceremony took place just a few minutes before kickoff, and saw enemies become friends as players and fans alike put aside their differences in order to pay tribute to Chapecoense, whose massive loss has affected the football world from coast to coast. Even fiercely contended nominees for the title of "Best Player in the World", Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, were spotted in a friendly photo together.

The pre and post-game happenings saw players from both sides showing their support for the victims and families of the horrible crash. Neymar, who is from Brazil, shared a photo on Instagram displaying a Chapecoense jersey alongside his Barcelona jersey and boots. Sergio Ramos, who scored the equalizing goal for Real Madrid, tweeted out "This point and this goal are for the families of Chapecoense."

A Match for the Football World

Ultimately, the match finished 1-1, with goals from the previously mentioned Sergio Ramos for Real Madrid in the 90th minute and from Barcelona's Luis Suarez in the 53rd. This draw was the first between the two teams in eight matches. A tie seemed like a fitting result considering the circumstances.

The match paid tribute to Chapecoense, and with Barca and Real being two of the biggest teams in the world, their tribute was likely the most watched across every nation. It seemed appropriate that neither team was "the better man" to phrase it simply. This match was truly a display of the beauty of football, one which witnessed some of the biggest stars giving it their all in the name of a team who could no longer do so.

Despite the contentious nature this rivalry has in its history, neither team was shown a red card. All players seemed to have an air of respect toward the gravity of this match, and gave a good show to the fans of their respective teams and to fans of Chapecoense and football around the world.

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