In a tradition that has lasted more than 120 years, the Army and Navy college Football teams met once again on Saturday. President-elect Donald Trump was in attendance, but wasn't a fan of what he saw on the field.

Trump on football

The first Army-Navy college football game took place in 1890, and since 1899, the two teams have played all but four years leading up their match-up in 2016. The overall series between the two sides is close, with Navy having the advantage of 60 wins, compared to 49 for Army, with seven games ending in a tie. Navy's current win streak began in 2002, and is the longest in the century's old rivalry.

Appearing at the game on December 10 was Donald Trump, who planned to spend a half of play on each of side of the stadium to represent both teams. As reported by CBS Sports, Trump wasn't a fan of the quality of football he was watching.

Joining CBS Sports hosts Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson was President-elect Donald Trump. "I love the armed forces. Love the folks. The spirit is incredible," Trump said. "I don't know if it's necessarily the best football," Trump went on to say, but also added, "they have spirit, it's beautiful." The billionaire real estate mogul went on to praise the spirit of those in attendance, calling them "great people."

Trump's football history

Donald Trump does have a history in football, as he was the owner and founder of the USFL team the New Jersey Generals in 1983.

Trump owned the the Generals before selling his stake to J. Walter Duncan, the big oil man from Oklahoma. One of Trump's most notable impacts on the league was in 1985 when he urged, and got put through, the USFL to move their spring schedule of games to the fall in a failed attempt to compete head-to-head with the National Football League (NFL).

Trump's discussion caused the USFL to file an anti-trust lawsuit against the NFL, and despite coming out on top in the case, the amount the league won was far less than anticipated. The USFL folded before the start of the 1986 season, which resulted in a loss of more than $160 million.

Moving forward

After the conclusion of the Army-Navy football game, Donald Trump will head back to Trump Tower in New York City to continue to work on filling out the remaining spots in his cabinet. Trump will be sworn in as the next president on January 20.

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