The ending of the regular season has brought some substantial changes in professional Tennis. After a long exhausting run, players are rethinking their strategy for the upcoming season. In the WTA Tour, the wind of change reached some of the top-ranked athletes with Kvitova 11 WTA, Pliskova 6 WTA, Konta 10 WTA, or Madison Keys 8 WTA changing their coaches.

This plague eventually jumped in the ATP Tour and a high-profile victim was only a matter of time. Yesterday, Novak Djokovic made a somehow expected announcement regarding his partnership with Boris Becker. According to Djokovic, they mutually agreed to end their collaboration.

A fruitful partnership

When it comes to his coaches, Novak Djokovic has shown a model of consistency with Marian Vajda being in his corner for a decade while Boris Becker was an acquisition from 2013. With Boris Becker on his corner, Djokovic dominated the ATP Tour having won 6 Grand Slam titles in the past 3 seasons. What is even more important is the fact that Becker pumped into Djokovic's game a higher dose of stability and self-confidence. Without these things, the Serb wouldn`t have been able of reaching his full potential while on the tennis court.

Eventually, the spell dissipated at the beginning of summer following Djokovic's breakthrough at the French Open. By winning that elusive title on the french clay, the Serb ended another chapter of his professional career.

The need for a new challenge in order to keep him on a positive motivational balance became clearer especially during the indoor swing of this autumn with Djokovic playing way below his previous standards.

Boris Becker is out but Marian Vajda remains a constant

For over a decade, Marian Vajda has been a constant presence of Djokovic's technical staff.

And the things might remain the same.

While fighting with his inner demons during the indoor session, Djokovic brought in a spiritual aid, namely Pepe Imaz. The Spaniard could not provide an immediate effect as Djokovic lost in Paris and then he totally succumbed against Murray at the ATP Finals in London.

For the upcoming season, there are lots of questions regarding Djokovic's trajectory as the Serb will have to defend the surreal first-half season of 2016.

The meltdown Djokovic has been a victim of is a vivid proof of how intense the pressure feels while you are at the summit.

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