Cerrone is a fan-favorite, and one of the most active professional kickboxers in the UFC. "Cowboy" has at least four fights per year and now holds the record for most post-fight bonuses -- Donald has the highest performance of the Night and Knockout/Submissions of the Night commissions. "The guy is going to make $1.3 million from fighting this year, and that doesn’t include his sponsorship -- which could put him anywhere from $1.6 million to $1.7 or $1.8 million," President Dana White told the Bloody Elbow. But Cerrone thinks UFC's professional fighters need to be taken care of when their career is over!

'Cowboy' is one of the leading members of the MMAAA

The MMAAA is a significant threat for the UFC, and on November 30th Cerrone, GSP, Tim Kennedy, and others went public with the organization. But Dana was not happy with Donald's decision and he targeted "Cowboy" on a new episode of the UFC's "Unfiltered" podcast -- White revealed that he had spent $100k out of pocket to pay for Cerrone’s legal defense when he was in trouble. White's comments must have made an impact; Donald went public and made sure it was known he wasn’t looking for a leadership role in the MMAAA and that he did not agree with some of the organization's members. He doesn't want any trouble, but "Cowboy" demands better health care and a pension for retirement.

Cerrone accepts Dana, and the UFC has been good to him

Donald started fighting for the UFC in 2011, and he's known as one of the most active fighters.

The success of the organization has allowed him to enjoy himself; Cerrone lives on a ranch just outside of Albuquerque, and he has a collection, including a yacht, of big boy toys -- also he will have the role of a cowboy in six episodes of the upcoming Netflix series, "Godless." All things considered, "Cowboy" is doing quite well for himself, and it seems like he is happy overall with where he is.

Cerrone doesn’t sound like he’s going to completely abandon the MMAAA over White’s disapproval, but "Cowboy" will not bite the hand that feeds him.

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