Mayhem ensued ahead of this weekends fight between Dereck Chisora and Dillian Whyte, after Chisora launched a table at his opponent during a press conference for their upcoming bout. The two heavyweight boxers who are set to clash this Saturday in Manchester for the British heavyweight title, on the Anthony Joshua vs Eric Molina card, were promoting their bout when the 32-year-old Chisora lost his temper with Whyte after a verbal berating, slamming his fist on a table before getting out of his seat and throwing it at his rival. Chisora launched the table in Whyte's direction, however, it was Whyte's coach Mark Tibbs and a Sky Sports correspondent who bore the brunt of the flying furniture.

Chisora in trouble with the British Boxing Board of Control

The British Boxing Board of Control are now set to meet later this week to discuss disciplinary action against Chisora. The board had already requested that the two be kept out of reach of each other in the lead up to the fight after Chisora threw a glass at Whyte during the recording of a television special a few weeks ago, in which again security were forced to intervene and split the pair up. Chisora had previously lost his boxing licence in 2012 after brawling with David Haye following his world title defeat against against Vitali Klitschko.

Chisora/Whyte clash aftermath

As security stepped in to try and restrain Chisora, as well as members of his entourage who attempted to confront Whyte, Chisora verbally abused the guards, warning them not to touch him before turning his attention toward Whyte's trainer Mark Tibbs, who had thrown a microphone at Chisora during the initial scuffle.

Before the chaos ensued Whyte had claimed that both fighters knew what would happen if there wasn't any security at the event, stating that he was going to knock Chisora out and that the 32-year-old's breath smelled like "horsesh*t," prompting Chisora to react with the launching of the table. Despite not being the headliners on the upcoming card, the fight between the pair is seen by many as the most anticipated bout on the card after IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua's original opponent, Wladimir Klitschko was forced to pull out of their scheduled title fight due to injury.

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